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Jill Scott Weight Loss And How She Did It The Old Fashion Way

Jill Scott Weight Loss

Grammy award-winning singer Jill Scott has thrilled audiences with her voice and words since the late 1990s. If you have not seen this beautiful woman lately, you may be surprised at her newly svelte figure. Many are wondering just how she did it and now you can find out the secrets behind Jill Scott weight loss of more than 60 pounds.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for her success has been motivation. Once she became a mother, she felt an obligation. After all, she was no longer just responsible for herself; she had another life to consider. Parents are the most critical person in children’s lives, and kids look to their parents for role models.

Another reason that she has been motivated as a parent is longevity. She wants to make sure that she will be around to see her son grow up. Like most parents, she also wants to be a part of her future grandchildren’s lives, and when she had trouble walking up a few flights of steps she knew it was time to take action.

Jill has managed to change her eating habits, and her meals are low in fat. She also allows herself two snacks each day. This essentially gives her five complete meals and more frequent meals keeps hunger at bay.

Low fat is a good strategy as it naturally reduces the calorie count in your meals. After all, losing those extra pounds comes down to pure mathematics. Take in less than you burn up, and you lose, plain and simple.

She understands the importance of a good exercise program. You must move if you want to increase your chances for long-term success. Also, you need to get into a routine that you can enjoy and have fun with.

Jill has a personal trainer to help her stay focused and motivated. Also, a personal trainer is there to help you push yourself and monitor your progress. She does three one hour cardio sessions each week that includes bicycling, boxing, and kickboxing techniques.

This beautiful woman has realistic expectations about her body. She is not trying to be one of those “stick thin” types of women. Realistic expectations help you set attainable goals that you can reach and perhaps even surpass.

If you would like to get rid of some of that excess baggage and keep it off, it will take work. The main secret to Jill Scott weight loss is there is no secret. She did it the old fashion way with exercise, proper eating, and finding great motivation and people to be around.

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