Why Dieting May Not Be The Answer

Why Dieting May Not Be The Answer

Obesity is a real-life problem that is spreading fast throughout the Western world but most notably in the USA. It has given rise to 100s of diets and a huge money-making industry that has grown up around peoples’ desperate need to shed those pounds. However, there is far more to losing weight than a poor diet.

Diets are useful for emergency weight loss, but they are in effect just a quick fix. Many people go through with a weight loss diet and do indeed lose weight and are ecstatic! Then when they return to a healthy diet they see those pounds returning, and pretty soon they are the same, or worse still, heavier than they were in the beginning. Depressed they give up and resign themselves to being fat.

You can avoid this happening to you with a few simple steps:

Avoid fad diets (ones in fashion) and “lose weight quick diets.”
Do not just rely on diet alone combine with other weight loss techniques

Diets in fashion are just that. They are not usually long-lasting, and if you lose weight, it is often only temporary. When you lose weight quickly, your body will be stressed, and you have an excellent chance of regaining your weight and even adding more pounds. A better way is to adjust your eating habits permanently. This can be done by:

· Cutting out so-called junk foods like chips candy and sweets.
· Eating smaller portions
· Drinking more water
· Eating more fiber-rich foods-these fill you up and stop you from getting so hungry

Combine with other weight loss techniques: do not just do dieting, for success use different methods to help you lose weight, like exercise.

Exercise: is one of the best ways to lose weight. You need only do about 20 minutes 3 times a week, and you will be losing weight. A brisk walk every day will help you lose and maintain weight control.

Mindset: Be determined to succeed and you will. Once you decide that you have a problem, (you are fat and need help) and are committed to losing weight, you will be able to do it. You just need the willpower and attitude to make the changes in your lifestyle to lose those pounds.

Try to reduce stress (both mentally and physically): mental and physical stress causes your body to react by retaining weight and not allowing you to shed those unwanted pounds. Lack of sleep is a significant factor in stressing out your body and one that many of us do. When you deprive yourself of sleep, your body reacts to this stress by retaining fat and not enabling you to lose weight. Mental stress is a significant factor in weight loss. When you are stressed or even depressed, there is a tendency to eat more to relieve emotions. Plus your body views this frame of mind as a stress factor and again inhibits weight loss.

Next time you decide to get rid of those unwanted pounds do not just rely on a diet. Change your habits and try to put all these simple techniques to work and you will lose more weight than you expected. When you lose weight, you will look better feel better and be able to live a healthier more satisfying life.

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